Iridex Laser



Laser treatment for the broken capillaries on the face.

The laser is a beam of intensely concentrated light, which targets an area to remove unwanted lesions.

Using this technology, a number of unwanted and unattractive skin problems can be treated:

  • Telangiectasia – spider veins on the face caused by dilation of the capillary vessels;
  • Rosacea – red lesions around the nose and cheeks;
  • Spider Angiomas – red spider-like veins that are slightly raised;
  • Cherry Angiomas – small red lesions that are slightly raised;
  • Lentigines – flat, brown spots caused by sun exposure;
  • Keratoses – slightly raised spots of pigmentation, often on the back and hands.

The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes – gradual improvement should be noticed following the treatment. Final results should be visible in two to three weeks. In some cases another follow-up treatment may be necessary.